16th of December Grand Challenges Scholars Program (EU Chapter)

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It is an honor and a pleasure to invite you to the IX Conference face-to-face and on line: “Energy Community and Mini-Grid Models and optimization methods for sustainability” – Italian, European and US Conference on the great challenges of engineering (GCSP)

Research and Development groups, public and private, profit and no-profit, national and international that are dedicating to renewable energy plants for community use in Italy and abroad.

With the support of Regione Lazio, DIMA, University of Rome Sapienza.

We share Mini-Grid and Energy Community experiences, models and best practices.

from 8.00 to 11.00 face-to-face and online from the Sapienza University Faculty of Engineering

from 8.00 to 20.00 online from all over Italy and from all continents

Continuing the traditional appointment each year, it’s expected the intervention by representatives of DIMA and Departments Wisdom, of large and small municipalities, Rome – Lazio Region – RSE – University of Sannio – State University of New York – MIT – Columbia University –  Arizona State University – University of Pisa – Vicariate of Rome – Elis – Strathmore – Technologies Solidaires – GC FSA- GC Energy Lab – azzeroco2 – Legambiente – IFEC – Engreen – Italian and Rest of the World University – Associations – Small and Large Companies – new Start Up… they will present the results of a new year of work.

A scientific moment of sharing for the 15 years of work of volunteers of Solidarity Technologies and also for the first year of the Grand Challenges Field Study Alumni with colleagues of African Universities and American colleagues.

The 2021 conference rewarded the work with:

582 Participants (from Zoom certificate), 6311 Views (from Linkedin certificate), 154 Research Departments (from Registration Forms), 85 Interventions ready for the publication of Proceedings, 15 Teachers AIMSEA Association of Italian Professors of Energy Systems, by the 9 Presidia of American Faculties for their Grand Challenges Scholars Program, the Senators most dedicated to the Energy Communities, and the various internationally renowned Managers, Engineers, Researchers and PhD students from 49 countries of the World representing the EU, Africa, South Asia and the Americas, 12 Hours in a row scientific interventions on models, algorithms and technologies in the industry.

Everything was possible only thanks to the organizational commitment lavished by Technologies Solidarity, Micro Grid Academy of RES4Africa, from the young “Grand Challenges ALUMNI” and the International Research Group Mini Grid Optimization, which presented the latest articles on the Energy Communities in Italy.

An academic moment to share research, projects and ideas: a “Pitch Marathon” based on interventions of 5 or 10 minutes and 3 thematic “break out rooms”, permanently open for informal discussions.

Papers/presentations will be accepted and evaluated for the proceedings, and the best scientific papers will be peer-reviewed and evaluated in various special issues of the sector’s scientific journals.


– The speakers and participants are professors, scholars, experts, managers, professionals and students interested in technological, socio-economic and intercultural innovation in engineering.

– Faculty (undergraduate and graduate) students, as well as representatives of private and public companies can present and attend this conference.

– Guests from 40 different universities and companies from Italy, the United States, North Europe and Africa have already joined.


– To register, at no cost, just fill out this very short form (by December 6th)

– This conference will be a 12-hour marathon with a series of 5 or 10-minute pitches.

– The conference is based on 5 to 10 minutes in the main zoom room.

– Additional time for discussions and questions will be available in 3 thematic “break-out rooms”, permanently open for technical and informal discussions.

– In the Slot of the Main Hall it will be possible to present their academic and professional activities aimed at technological, socio-economic and environmental sustainability.


– On 16th of December 2022, rapporteurs are invited to propose a short speech of 5′ or 10′.

– Registration deadline extended to December 6th of 2022

– It is important to book your slot in order to participate.

– Please suggest your best time of day to speak.

– The Scientific Committee will assign each person a free “slot” as close as possible to that required.


Break Ou Room – Room #1– dating B2B Business Model: innovation and the role of small and large companies.

Break Ou Room – Room #2– meetings B2G Governance and Public Administration: end users models analysis new practices, needs and proposals.

Break Ou Room – Room #3 – B2A Academy and Alumni: Research between Universities and Companies, the development between business and social and territorial growth.


1. How to register?                                                   > Just fill out this very short form (by December 6th).

2. Recipients and Speakers ?                                  > Prof, Researchers, Experts, Entrepreneurs, Professionals and National and International Students from Europe, Africa and the United States.

3. Conference theme?                                             > Mini-Grids, Sustainability and Energy Community

4. Expectations from speakers?                              > A 5′ or 10′ pitch presentation on Studies, Projects in progress, Models, Results.

5. Expected results of the conference?                   > New, small and large thematic networks, models, results and expectations of academia and industry.

6. What it costs?                                                      > It’s free, thanks to sponsors.

7. Deadline for papers?                                           > Papers for dedicated Special Issues will be sent after the conference.

8. Deadline for slides?                                             > Deadline for slides to be submitted is November 28th

They were invited to come back again this year:

– For Innovations in Mini-Grid models (Technology and Management):

Parthenope University (Naples), Sapienza-DIAEE Department, Comillas University (Madrid), Kenyatta University, Ray-Now, Loughborough University, Teesside University, Equatorial Power.

– For Optimization methods for technical, environmental and socio-economic sustainability:

Sapienza-DIMA Department, State University of New York, University of Pisa, University of Cape Town, Italian Government, RESET, Engineering Without Borders, Universidad Comillas, Hawaii Pacific University, Municipalities throughout Lazio.

– For Sustainability in Energy Services (Field Studies):

Engineering for Change, University of Michigan, University of Tuscia, Campus Bio-Medico of Rome.

– For Student engagement and 5 GCSP skills:

GC FS ALUMNI – Sapienza, Sapienza Faculty of Engineering, Duke University GCSP ALUMNI, Engineering for Change, BayWa r.e. Renewable Energies, Micro Grid Academy RA, LUMSA University, University Southern California

GCSP-ZOOM CONFERENCE LINK: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/3473221965″pwd=N3cyQ1VXYlhBTkZibFNzcVBMZ0w3UT09

2021 Conference Poster


PROCEEDINGS of previous editions:


 Pre- Proceedings – slide speaker 22nd March Con…

“Engineering for Sustainable and Developing Communities: Mini Grid & Energy Communities”

VIII Conference 2014- 2022



“Grand Challenges for Engineering” USA

 AIMSEA – Energy Systems Group DIMA Sapienza

 State University of New York

Technical Solidarity (Tecnologie Solidali ONLUS)

Grand Challenges Field Study ALUMNI (Vitamin G)


2014, 15 June, I Conference of “Engineering for Sustainable and Developing Communities

2015, 09 May, II Conference of “Engineering for Sustainable and Developing Communities

2016, 15 March, III Conference of “Engineering for Sustainable and Developing Communities

2017,  17 Dec,IV Conference “Optimization of Hybrid Mini-Networks and Energy Communities Lazio and World”

2018, 21 Jun, V Conference “Mini Grids for Urban, Rural and Industrial Community”

2019, 19 Dec, VI Conference: “EU Grand Challenges Conference on Mini Grid and Energy Communities”

2020, 20 Dec, VII Conference: “RenewABLE Against Covid –  Energy Communities and  Health Centers”

2021, 22 Mar, VIII Conference: “Mini Grid and Optimization Methods for Sustainability and Energy Services”

2022, 16 Dec, IX Conference: “Engineering for Sustainable and Developing Communities”