The project was developed in San Rafael de Heredia, near San Jose in Costa Rica. The leading nation in the field of renewable energies, thanks to its geographical position near the equator, its high concentration of rivers, permanent winds and volcanoes, has allowed over the years to base its energy production in a highly sustainable way. The main objective is the design of a renewable energy plant supporting an organization in Costa Rica that helps and reintegrates the human trafficking  victims.

Project planning has benefited from data collection thanks to field visits and interviews during the “Field Study Abroad” held in Costa Rica in August 2019.

Main objectives:

1. Construction of a resident house, a resource center, three shelters and farm for animals.

2. Drastic reduction of water use by collecting rainwater through the installation of two sized tanks.

3. Guarantee 100% of the electricity supply through the installation of a PV plant.

4. Dispose of agricultural waste in a sustainable way through a biodigestor.

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