Technologies for sustainable development

International cooperation and humanitarian aid

Innovation in Teaching and Higher Education

The project

Technical Solidarity collaborates with the GCSP (Grand Challenges Scholar Program), an inter-university program on the Great Challenges of Research and Development, of 90 universities, promoted by President Obama and active all over the world, to carry out projects in support of populations in serious difficulty. Our activity consists, in particular, in the design of technologically and economically sustainable photovoltaic power systems for pumping and desalination of drinking water and for irrigating fields. Read our project

Field Study Abroad

Since 2014 Technical Solidarity organizes Field Study Abroad, training experiences in Latin America and Africa both in rural areas and at institutional locations. During these school camps, university students study and apply sustainable technologies directly in the field, tackling their engineering, economic and social aspects. Find out more

Micro-Grid Academy

Technical Solidarity is a partner of Enel Green Power for the Micro-Grid Academy project. A high-quality training platform for young technicians and managers from East Africa on how to plan, build and manage microgrids for renewable energy production. through the training of hundreds of people every year, new jobs are created and access to clean energy is improved, especially in rural areas. Find out more


Technical Solidarity and the University Research Center for Sustainable Development received a mention of excellence for the Field Study Abroad project at the “Italy Decide” award as an innovation in teaching and higher education. The award ceremony took place in Parliament in the presence of the parliament’s president, Sergio Mattarella and the Chamber’s President Laura Boldrini. Find out more

TECHNICAL SOLIDARITY onlus operates in the following fields:

Technologies for sustainable development and renewable energies

Environmental protection and care

Modernization of developing rural communities

Reduction of damage caused by wars, the autonomy of people with disabilities

We collaborate with many companies around the world on various projects:

  • Organization of the Field Study Abroad
  • Humanitarian demining laboratory in Cisterna di Latina
  • Technologies supporting the autonomy of the Saharawi population
  • OSEC (On-Site Electrolytic Chlorination), for the production of chlorine from salt water and renewable energy sources, aimed at drinking water
  • Solar cookers in Central Africa
  • Rural electrification in remote countries through renewable energy sources (hydroelectric, biomass, solar energy …)
  • Installation of systems in emergency situations (solar thermal and OSEC after the L’Aquila earthquake)

All the projects have as their foundation to respond to the needs of local populations, with an approach to adapt technologies to the needs, capabilities and will of the communities that will benefit from them in the long term. Go to projects

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