Technical Solidarity’s pursues two main issues: to integrate young immigrants, students and italian unemployed in the society, and to develop inclusive, sustainable and environmental friendly technologies.

The project goal is to provide training for 100 beneficiaries through courses on small scale renewable energy systems, thus enhancing participants’ chances to access the labor market. The project is divided into the following phases:

• Networking with Reception Centres, Associations and Universities, in order to recruit and promote workshops. The communication campaign will be realized through videos, social network communication, conferences and flier distribution.

• 3 workshops, consisting in 2 days of lectures and 1 day of installation of a photovoltaic/thermal system for a local Reception Centre. Each workshop will be followed by a final event, where certificates of participation will be handed over.

• Create a database for “assistant installators of photovoltaic/solar thermal systems”, establish a network of companies with the purpose of enhancing labor market integration.