During the Field Study Abroad on line started in March 2020 to cope with the Covid19 emergency in different emerging countries, a group of students sized a PV plant that could help the kids of the Youth Center of Mérida in Venezuela (the Country suffers from a complex humanitarian crisis and a major energy crisis, that has reached the electricity shortage) and other beneficiaries of the Project to face the primary needs.

In the Youth Center is developed a Care and Guidance Programme (that includes primary needs, education and a medical ambulatory) for 32 homeless children.

Its beneficiaries (the children living there and 150 other people between adolescents and adults) are in urgent need of electricity for lighting, refrigerators and technological systems (to maintain contact with the outside).

That’s why, after the design phase, we decided to start a crowdfunding campaign: starting with this Christmas, we’d like to donate to this children and who is near to them a little hope.

Link to web site: https://casahogarmerida.starteed.eu/?lang=en